Jeff Messenger Industrial Sales is a manufacturer’s sales agent representing industry-leading web handling, printing, tension control, and adhesives companies in the Midwest. Owner Jeff Messenger has over 25 years of experience working with the equipment and processes related to packaging, printing, paper, and plastics. Before opening JMIS in 2015, Jeff Messenger spent 20 years in sales and sales management at EMT International, a world-class manufacturer of finishing equipment and web transports for the digital/inkjet market.

Manufacturer’s Rep

for Web Handling

Seeking a career that provided less travel time and more family time, Jeff Messenger started an independent manufacturer’s group. Initially working as a sales agent for EMT International, he added other industry-leading web processing companies to his portfolio over time. Today, JMIS represents the following distinguished companies:

Green Bay WI Agent

Serving the Midwest

From the heart of the converting industry in Green Bay, Wisconsin, JMIS serves customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Michigan. As a value-added service, JMIS utilizes in-depth knowledge of slitting, rewinding, tension controls, adhesives, and other web processes to troubleshoot problems and find solutions that fit within the budget. Manufacturers of all sizes have a trusted, reliable and local partner in the Midwest.

Map of the US with Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Michigan in red
Purchasing Decisions
Made Easy

JMIS is committed to developing long-term relationships with customers by integrating a quick, easy quote and purchasing process. We expertly guide customers to make purchasing decisions based on value, price, performance, and quality. Plus, JMIS offers personable, conscientious follow-through after the sale. JMIS connects products with people by collaborating with industry engineers, small business owners, production managers, maintenance supervisors, and workers on the floor who run their equipment every day. JMIS is a proud sponsor of Green Bay Innovation Group, a business-to-business consortium of manufacturers.

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